and immerses in groovy vibe
CARO - creates experience, provocates
Elevating opulence to new heights, CARO stands as OY Hospitality Group’s latest luxury project.
Nestled within the five-star Fairmont Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road, CARO is an exclusive community for those who appreciate sophistication, fine dining and a sense of belonging. Carefully curated by Chef Carson Hill, the menu boasts a symphony of unparalleled flavors, featuring premium steaks from all over the world and the finest seafood.
In CARO, beauty, time, and comfort converge to redefine the art of indulgence. More than just a dining establishment, CARO appears to be a private club where cocktail aesthetics is intertwined with nuanced approach towards cuisine, welcoming true connoisseurs of brilliance in.
A culinary virtuoso with an illustrious 27-year career, Chef Carson
His commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients is unparalleled, elevating every dish he creates to an art form.
With an enduring passion for gastronomy, he has taken his culinary brilliance to Dubai, setting the culinary scene on fire with his exceptional talent. With a remarkable career and a penchant for innovative cuisine, Chef Hill is poised to create gastronomic magic in the heart of this vibrant culinary hub.

Hill is celebrated for his innovative approach to modern cuisine rooted in classical influences. Setting off from Oxfordshire, he honed his craft for eight remarkable years at a nationally acclaimed restaurant, garnering widespread recognition.
Our cuisine is tailored to bring you on a culinary adventure where bold provocation meets elegance, setting the stage for an unrivaled experience with a menu that showcases the world’s most exquisite steaks.
Hailing from Japan, Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Britain and the USA, each steak is meticulously presented in the venue’s exclusive ‘Steak Bible’ – a comprehensive guide that reveals the origins, cuts, and distinct flavors of each creation.

In the skilled hands of the culinary team, every steak undergoes a tantalizing transformation through CARO’s unique alchemy – a process that involves a combination of in-house dry aging and a Josper oven finale, expertly sealing in natural juices and infusing an irresistible smoky flavor.
But the adventure doesn’t stop at meat
CARO also offers a diverse selection of the freshest and finest seafood, ranging from delicate oysters to sumptuous grilled lobster, all perfectly paired with a cocktail menu crafted by the visionary Head Bartender, Dima Olenin